Independent investigator, An Olive Branch, is seeking to speak with anyone who has had direct experience of sexual misconduct by Yogi Bhajan and anyone who has  information that would support or refute sexual misconduct allegations.




Interviews are private and confidential between the individual and An Olive Branch. 

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Statements from Our Response Team

March 27, 2020


Sat Nam Dear Members of Our 3HO, Sikh Dharma and KRI Community,


As the independent investigation by An Olive Branch continues, our organization is taking an initial step to respond with compassion to those reporting allegations of sexual misconduct by Yogi Bhajan. 


We are making available confidential, professional counseling to any individual asserting harm from the misconduct they have reported. Beginning April 1, we have engaged Concern (, a third-party assistance program, whose staff will perform a confidential intake process of those wishing to enter into counseling. Concern will refer these individuals to one of its recommended and trusted local counselors. Click here for an explanation of how Concern selects its counselors in different localities. 


The services are available at no cost to the individual, and their identity will remain private. Anyone reporting harm from the conduct under investigation will be referred to Concern. 


Our decision to offer these counseling services is not an indication of any conclusions being drawn by the continuing investigation or by any part of our organization. These service are offered out of compassion for those who may find them valuable. We will continue to reach out to community members in ways that reflect our values of mutual respect and caring. 


We encourage anyone with relevant information, either supporting or refuting the allegations, to email An Olive Branch at Because of the high volume of contacts, you can expect return contact within 5 days.


We are here to support all members of our community as we seek the truth regarding these issues and move together towards understanding and healing.


Sat Nam,


Collaborative Response Team



To opt in to receive CRT updates emailed to you directly, send your request to









March 12, 2020


Sat Nam Dear Members of our 3HO, Sikh Dharma and KRI Community,


There has been a lot of discussion, especially online, about the allegations regarding Yogi Bhajan and our response to the situation. We understand the need for people to share their thoughts and perspectives about this sensitive issue. We support women speaking out about their experiences, and we have no intention of judging or silencing the voice of anyone.


Please be aware that a few individuals making public statements may appear to be speaking for our organizations. They do not, in fact, represent them. The Collaborative Response Team is the only official representative of SSSC, KRI, 3HO, SDI and our other nonprofit organizations in this matter. Our regular updates and statements about the situation will continue to be posted at


We have recently expanded the FAQ section addressing many of your questions and concerns. We urge you to check our website often and share it with others for accurate and timely information as we seek the truth and move on a path toward healing and restoration.


Sat Nam,

Collaborative Response Team



March 9, 2020


Sat Nam Dear Members of our 3HO, Sikh Dharma and KRI Community,


The dedicated email address for communicating with An Olive Branch is now active. This will be a fully confidential method of communication. You can reach them at until April 30, 2020. 


We take the allegations that have been brought forth regarding Yogi Bhajan very seriously and encourage anyone with relevant experiences or information to speak with An Olive Branch. Interviews are private and confidential between the individual and the investigator. 


An Olive Branch is conducting an independent third-party investigation. The sole purpose of this investigation is to seek the truth, and the investigation will not be influenced in any way by the CRT or the SSSC.


Due to the sensitive nature of its work, An Olive Branch is unable to share their specific work experience publicly. We realize that this level of confidentiality has prompted questions within the community about the organization’s capability to conduct a thorough investigation. During the course of our due diligence, we found An Olive Branch fully met the critical requirements to be entrusted with completing this important task, including:


  • Extensive experience in investigating claims of sexual misconduct with thoroughness and compassion.

  • Significant experience conducting investigations for and understanding the issues unique to spiritual or religious-based organizations. 

  • Demonstrated ability to relate well to those reporting harm as well as others providing information.

  • Ability to instill confidence that all individuals in the matter will be treated with sensitivity and care.


As members of a spiritual community, we place a high value on righteous action and truthful living. We are committed to upholding these principles, in practice and policy, at all levels of our organizations and to strengthen our organization to meet these commitments. Our goal is to seek the truth and move toward healing. We open our hearts and prayers for justice and healing of all people. 


Sat Nam,


Collaborative Response Team 








March 4, 2020 

Sat Nam Dear Members of our 3HO, Sikh Dharma and KRI Community, 

After careful due diligence, we have selected the organization, An Olive Branch (, to conduct the independent investigation of the allegations regarding Yogi Bhajan. An Olive Branch was chosen because of their extensive experience in performing thorough and compassionate investigations of allegations of this nature for spiritual communities worldwide. They are gathering background information and expect to begin speaking with individuals on Wednesday, March 11.


In order to seek the truth and move toward healing, the investigators will attempt to speak with any individuals reporting harm as well as potential witnesses with information supporting or contradicting the claims of sexual misconduct. We encourage people to speak with An Olive Branch confidentially about their experiences, and we have no intention of silencing anyone. They are establishing a dedicated email address for this purpose which will remain active until Thursday, April 30. We will share this address with you on Wednesday, March 11, when it is live. 

Once the investigation is complete, An Olive Branch will prepare a report of their findings, taking care to maintain the confidentiality of personal or sensitive information out of respect for participants’ privacy. The report is expected to be made public this June. 

The Collaborative Response Team is the only official response body representing SSSC, KRI, 3HO, SDI and our other nonprofit organizations. We strive to be transparent as we respond to these allegations, and we will continue to keep the community informed during the process through updates posted on We all stand united against abuse of power, sexual abuse, any form of exploitation, and any use of sexuality as a vehicle for causing harm. If anyone has concerns or complaints unrelated to this investigation, we encourage them to contact the Office of Ethics and Professional Standards at We will respond to the matter with kindness and respect.



Sat Nam, 

Collaborative Response Team

February 25, 2020

Dear 3HO, Sikh Dharma, and KRI Community,

As a community inspired by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, we are currently facing a significant challenge. Following the publication of Pamela Dyson’s book, we received additional allegations from multiple women.

As previously announced, we are commissioning an independent investigation of all allegations. We are in the process of conducting due-diligence to identify the right independent investigator to conduct this important task - fairly and without prejudice or bias. We expect the investigation process may take several months to complete and ask that everyone be patient as this process moves forward.


We have established a website with official updates of the investigation and our path forward.

Please visit our website for updates -

This very sensitive issue is bringing a great deal of pain and emotion, and we are moving forward with dignity and respect for all parties. During this time, we call upon all members of our community to unite in prayer and meditation. Let us stand with integrity and grace, letting the voice of Truth guide us now and into the future.

Sat Nam,

Collaborative Response Team









February 18, 2020


Dear 3HO, Sikh Dharma, and KRI Community,


Credible allegations concerning sexual misconduct by Yogi Bhajan have come forward. Our organizations take these allegations very seriously. We stand united against abuse of power, sexual abuse, any form of exploitation, and any use of sexuality as a vehicle for causing harm.


Our teachings guide us to look to the Truth and to seek the Truth with courage and commitment. The undersigned are the members of the Collaborative Response Team that has been formed to officially represent our community organizations in this situation. We are commissioning a third-party independent investigation to seek the truth and the extent of the allegations so that our members can feel secure and safe.


Future communications will explain the independent investigation process and provide our community with ways to participate.


We open our hearts and prayer for justice and healing of all people. As the organizations of 3HO, Sikh Dharma and KRI, we are committed to upholding the dignity of all humans and the highest ethics of this path of consciousness. We pledge to act with clarity and listen to all concerns. We will treat everyone with respect and will support the truth and the best outcome for all parties.


“Truth is high, but higher still is truthful living.” Guru Nanak Dev ji


Sat Nam,


SS Sahaj Singh Khalsa – Siri Singh Sahib Corporation

MSS Nirvair Singh Khalsa - Kundalini Research Institute

SS Gurujot Kaur Khalsa – Sikh Dharma International, Siri Singh Sahib Corporation

SS Pritpal Kaur Khalsa – 3HO Foundation International

SS Shanti Kaur Khalsa – Dharmic Office of Public Affairs

As additional information is released, we will share it here.

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