The EPS Complaint Procedure

We want to build a community where everyone is safe to speak about their experiences and concerns.

More hotlines are being created and will be launched soon for you to report any information or concern to an Independent Investigator and to receive Crisis Counseling for this challenging time.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Ethics & Professional Standards Committee for any abuses suffered by Kundalini Yoga teachers or Sikh Dharma Ministers.

Step 1: Please read the Complaint Procedure for the type of complaint you wish to file.

EPS Complaint Procedure for KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers, KRI Teacher Trainers and Trainees

EPS Complaint Procedure for Sikh Dharma International Ministers or Sikh Dharma International Entities (SDI, Sikhnet, SDEI)

EPS Complaint Procedure for complaints against an organization: 3HO, IKYTA , KRI, SDI, SikhNet, SDEI or other Yogi Bhajan Legacy Organization

Step 2: File a complaint.

Against an an individual Kundalini Yoga Teacher or KRI Teacher Trainer

Against an individual Sikh Dharma International Minister

Does this ever result in Termination of Certification on a Teacher, Trainer or Minister?

YES. We take your complaints seriously.

Here is a list of persons whose affiliation has been terminated.


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